Navigating Disbelief

While I acclimate multidimensionality it feels like the way to go is to condense and concentrate words, that way I can at least put them out there and not sit on some ideas and have fun with expression and open to the potential for conversation. I want this poetic dalliance to enter into the discussion on what it means to come out and embrace a psychic/spirit energy worker path.

At one point in my evolution I had gotten to a place where I realized I was beyond a range of what I've heard of people experiencing, openly at least, so a lot of people are going to think I'm lying or crazy. And how do I explain this thing as it is constantly unfolding to those who might have a supportive ear? I had no teacher walking beside me just a strengthening communication line with spirit who I was trusting to guide me and keep me safe as I devoted myself to growing my gifts and serving the earth.

As we dive deeper into the seas of consciousness

Shores known before

Become Strange

We rise from the depths


We see more than we did

Be-four (no really, play more!)

The lights are brighter

The people are more alive

They look back at you

In disbelief

Are you crazy or lying?