In a state of gratitude

Gratitude. In the order of frequencies affecting our vibrational patterns, appreciation is up there with love. When we live in modes of appreciation we spread that vibration throughout the universe and minimize the harm that may come from sustaining ourselves when we consume animal and plant lives. We should all practice gratitude and acknowledge that all that we receive is a gift.

While pondering Dr. Emoto’s work with water and how communication and other things affect its crystalline structure, I circled back to one truth of how our bodies/planet surfaces are mostly water and was also reminded of material I encountered that illuminated me to the memory of water. That’s right, water has memory. So these coupling ideas made me come to the conclusion that when I am speaking to someone I am not only communicating to their ears, eyes and mind, but also to the water that traverses their being. So even if they do not register everything with their conscious mind, there are parts of themselves that are receptive to even the minutest projections of my mind (more on thoughts as things in later posts). And this is only if we leave it in the physical realm, the third dimension as it is called by some. There are many layers of activity operating simultaneously, most we aren’t even aware of.