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A SEER Understanding

Though I embrace mystery as a natural part of this journey. I don’t feel the need to leave everyone in the dark about the content of the name SEER, as in SEER Energetics.

Seer does ring in different resonances, a double or multi entendre if you will.

The S holds space for the spirals, spiralling. This is how I feel and engage energy moving around and through me, in spirals or orbits. Though I think of orbits as slow (relative) moving spirals that have yet to unite with or spiral out from a gravitationally centered force that is attracting them or repelling them. The spiral integrates itself in myriad ways, from the snail shell to the path of celestial bodies. I feel electromagnetic subtleties in the environment, objects, people... I receive and transmit information, meditate on and use the energetics of in healing sessions and beyond. By learning to to follow the spiral I am forever changed; and so I honor it and in turn feel honored by it. It is a lifelong engagement working with the mysterious implications and applications of the spiraling formations and am mystified watching my own evolution spiral (mostly) upward. The feedback from other people who have experienced it in healing sessions has been phenomenal as well.

E1 is in reference to elements and elementals and all that has to do with them. I engage elements expansively and inclusively. Not just fire, earth, water, air, metal, crystal, wood...also spirit, emotion, universal core energy, voice, focus, consciousness, creativity, sexual alchemy, biological excretions. Nothing is waste when we use our intuitive effects for interacting with elements with purposefulness.

E2 is for evolution, evolutionary, evolving, evolve. We are always in progress, we must use our conscious focus to direct our evolution. We must reclaim and revive our direct connection with nature/spirit. Energetics is a modality through which to do this.

R is for the Reiki that is in everything I do. Being a Reiki mastered teacher is a 24 hour vocation that I embrace and accept to this full extent. I have been humbled by this modality, giving me focus and inviting me to take my place in the multiverse.

The logo was inspired by the spiraling energy and the pyramids that form in my intuitive gridwork (more on that in another entry). Also it is an acknowledgment of the equilibrium that is sought in honoring the divine masculine and feminine energy; feminine energy moving in curvatures while masculine energy moves in linearities.

While SEER indicated aspects of how I work, the name also honors ancestry. During a powerful reading with a being who is called Free Woman, I was told that my community, that my people are seers. Through this name I claim them and shine a light for them to be able to find me as well as lead me to them.

Spiraling aligned with gratitude

Gahiji Akil


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