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In preparation for a session you may want to fast and purify yourself but that isn't necessary for effectiveness. Just hold whatever intentions you have, be them mental, physical, spiritual or emotional. Everyone is unique in how they experience energy and how sensitive they are to feeling it. You will remain fully clothed during a session, I may use aromatherapy and essential oils so please indicate any sensitivities before coming to my studio so I can avoid troubling your senses. You can be lying down or sitting for the session, your comfort is what is most important. Some of the things you may experience during an energy work session are tingling, pressure, heat, cold, magnetic or bioelectric impulses. You may just feel relaxed and fall asleep. You may feel nothing at all. All responses are valid, you are receiving the energy if you are open to it, whether you feel it or not. There is also the potential for there to be intense sensations during a session in the form of prickling, itching, restless limbs, twitching and as blockages are removed and energy flows into an area it may be an overwhelming sensation. If an extreme feeling emerges, try to surrender to it and observe it without judgment, deep breathe through it. It will subside as the energy balances.

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