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Crystal Water Spiraling Oracle divination system spirit communication Gahiji Akil Lumumba

Crystal Water Spiral Oracle

The Crystal Water Spiral Oracle is the fruiting of collaborative creativity between myself and spirit, refined for over a year to become the communication tool that it is now. It is used to commune with ancestors, oversouls as well as various congregations and formations of spirit consciousness and collectives.


The system is communicated with telepathically, which allows a sitter to bypass my mind and commune directly. The contributing/limiting factors of this system are the belief, faith and linkage to the spirit world of the person sitting. The system does not spend time proving itself and will end a reading if skepticism is at the forefront. This system demands respect... and offerings.





































Water: Liquid crystal is a powerful conductor with great programming potential. It must be clean and collected  from a fresh source. Water has been rejected with a demand for its replacement, this is an important element for connectivity and flow.

Fire: Fire acts as a proxy for the light of the Sun and works to ensure the portal is secure and scorches any untruths that may try to enter the space. Two candles are usually enough, though more are welcomed to hold other enlightening space.

Offerings: Offerings serve as another type of conductor, as payment and as an attracting force. There are many types of offerings that one can present. Food, money, sweets, wine, liquor, cooked or raw fruits, tobacco and other plants or herbs have been sufficiently nourishing.

Crystals: Crystal and stone consciousness sets up parameters of the portal and holds the doors open.

Representation: It is beneficial to have something that represents the person being read. With the object I can verify a person has been accepted as ready and open for a reading while it also acts to draw the most important messages, it should be able to be held in one hand and have personal significance. Another object could also be brought to represent any specific spirit there is desire to reach. Though I only work with kind, benevolent, spirits of the light and in service to the oneness of all beings.

































Sessions can be done over distance either via video or phone and work telepathically or if intentions are held and consent given I can do them in absentia. Because of the nature of the system  and my commitment of service to others I am setting the price as donation and offering based, keeping in mind the universe appreciates reciprocity and balance. Any payment being an honoring of developed skills, labor and materials. If you are interested in a reading please email or phone for an initial consult and to schedule.



An early iteration of tje crystal waters spiraling oracle
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Creating a portal across the veil for clear communication requires a good deal of energy.  Though not absolute in its necessity to communicate, the longest and  sharpest readings tend to include certain elements.

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