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Beach sky Reiki

Over the years, having experienced what Gahiji brings to the facilitation of intentional spaces, I was truly grateful and eager to accept his offering to read my cards. I felt his respect for the practice immediately in his request for my reflection and preparation for the session. Gahiji showed up fully energetically present. He listened with all of his being and embodied care as he engaged the space and honored my ancestral altar. During the reading, he met my trust in his facilitation with a trust that I would deeply engage whatever he laid out in front of me. Everything he uncovered was resoundingly insightful and fully resonated with my being. Gahiji’s dedication to being open and present to intuit, along with his vision and diligent pursuit of transformative growth, contribute to my high recommendation of his guidance in healing and life-affirming practices. 

Tara Echo

Gahiji is an amazing light worker! I had my first session during an event and I was blown away by how great it made me feel. I felt so light, centered, calm, clear and really present. I was unfamiliar with reiki and the thought of healing without touch was foreign, I almost thought it wasn't real. He took his time preparing me and making me feel comfortable. I appreciated him so much, I had to have another session. His work is consistently great and I can't wait until the next time!


Gahiji has a keen mind and a warm heart, allowing him to create a gentle and transformative space for all who experience his healing sessions. His unique gift of perception as well as potent radical analysis creates a sacred container that will challenge your inner stasis and facilitate growth with a smooth, graceful touch. Non-dogmatic but deeply connected, Gahiji makes you feel safe enough to explore your truth without tolerating the aspects of your being that seek to obscure or block you from your full presence. I would definitely recommend his work!!

I have mediated with Gahiji on many occasions. As a mediator he has the ability to listen to participants and connect with the underlying concerns being presented. He has a very matter of fact style of mediation, which never ceases to amaze me in the way he reflects the intensity in the room, as he cuts through to the heart of the matter. 

If you ever have the opportunity to work with Gahiji, Do! You won't regret it...


Gahiji is everything you want in a mediator. He is a great listener - able to capture the values and feelings expressed by participants and articulate them in a way that is clarifying and productive. His presence is calm and empathetic and he creates a safe space for authentic conversation. He takes his neutrality as a mediator very seriously, careful not to take sides or offer any judgement to the participants. We've co-mediated several cases together, and I am always impressed with Gahiji's diligence, patience and professionalism. I would absolutely recommend him as a mediator and know that he will bring his excellent skills and high quality of process to the mediation table.

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