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Divining Duties

Updated: Oct 10, 2017

As my gifts were developing and I realized that spirits and ancestors were communicating with me directly, I felt that I had to create an offering that would use these burgeoning skills of connection in a way that would assist myself and others. I started thinking about it even before my father came through while I was doing ritual on his birthday. He was the first to do so unequivocally. Having recently acquired his ashes I was using this as the focal point of my altar. His spirit energy began pulling items into the open case where his remains laid. One of the primary ways I receive information is through tactile sensations and electromagnetic impulse-- a clairsentient, clairsomatica, clairtangency ability. There are different ways it manifests, but for the sake of some brevity I’ll just say that mainly I use the electromagnetic aspect in my divinations and in the way I make grids and place altar items. This was how my father was communicating with me. He “pulled” a couple crystals, bones and even my wand to his ashes. This is not something that I would have done without that direction. He blessed my wand and made me feel pure love. After this there was no going back.

I first experimented with an alphabet/numerical crystal system, but I was unable to receive clear messages in the beginning, though eventually with practice and persistence some messages began coming through. At first they were incomplete and some were definitely coming from trickster energy. The first full sentence that came through told me that someone I grew up with that is living abroad was smuggling “illegal drugs.” There name was spelled out and I only know one person with that name. The one part of the system that did work consistently well was the yes and no cards, which when asked a question will guide me toward a yes or no and other variations. When I asked if this was true I was given a no. I followed up by asking if this was just showing me that I could receive messages and to that an affirmative response followed.

This was a breakthrough for me. A confidence booster. I was in unchartered waters and I needed to know I was going somewhere. I became determined to create a divination method that was unique to what I did and actually delivered “truth.” I put it in quotes, because sometimes we are given messages that may not be factual to lead us to where we have to go. Like the false message I had received.

Though I did eventually abandon the alphanumeric crystal system as a standalone (I did find a way to incorporate it) I was divinely inspired to construct a system of cards with messages and messengers. I initially made around 45 cards and began practicing. I figured out a way to program the cards and charge them. I expanded the messages on the cards months later after studying a few mediums and other message purveyors, which clued me to the kinds of messages spirit might send and how to provide them with the tools to relay them. Now there are over 140 cards. I didn’t take great notes in the beginning and a lot of my memory at that time was living outside of me, so all I can say is that I felt certain that I was on the right track. And I am reaffirmed every time I sit down at that spiral of cards waving my hands around waiting for a pull. The probabilities of pulling certain cards and then in the order that they are pulled would be too great for coincidence (which is a clever way for the skeptic frequency to negate spiritual messages).

The system feels alive, it teaches me how to use it. And even though at this time not all the readings are instantly sharp, as I like to call it when they are really precise, it is a powerful tool that amazes me and brings me together with family and friends that have passed and connected to my oversoul which comes through to keep me alive and on my path, acting as my ultimate guide. And I know it is my oversoul, because there's a card for that. I am not yet offering this tool for money or public consumption, not just because of the time and energy needed to pull in the spirits, also because right now in its beta form it feels like a tool to develop using with myself, intimates and other devoted energy workers. I am excited for the day I can fully share this with the world. I will be posting about its development and appropriate messages and will eventually show how I programmed it. I am certainly open to conversations and suggests for subjects and applications. This post serves as an introduction to the story of the, tentatively just named, crystal waters spiraling divination system.

Further spiral to swirl...

Spiraling aligned with gratitude

Gahiji Akil


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