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Forests & Gardens

The places where I lay my offerings. The places where I plant my seeds. The places where I do my hunting. The places where I seek sage suggestions before whispering to the moon. These are the places I organize and the places where I get lost, in exploration. The fecundities awaiting spirit and imagination to guide their peeking blossoms looking for light to lean toward.

I think it is important to share ideas and information freely. So I am creating this “blog” space known as my Forest & Garden. This inspiration came to me because of the idea of the mysterious forest that we should not tame, but explore. Taking what we have learned on our journeys there to plan(t) our gardens. The forest, like the universe and life in general can be scary and dangerous if we do not recognize the abundant life forces which would gladly nourish us if we knew to ask them, if we knew to recognize them for what they are.

So I vision that this will be a place for me to share my visions, knowledge, experience, curiosities and questions in this energetic work. I also seek engagement, critical, compassionate, generous and honest conversations and explorations. I want to experiment with our gifts so that we can learn how to better use them and serve our purposes, together. With that I welcome you to my forest and my garden, may we enjoy the fruit and learn how to navigate thorns so we can smell the roses.

Spiraling aligned with gratitude

Gahiji Akil


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