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Gahiji Akil Lumumba barrow, Reiki, teacher, shaman, spirit worker, crystal gridwork,mediator,

SEER Energetics

with Gahiji Akil

Transform yourself, transform the universe

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We are experiencing an age of great consciousness shifting and expedient interconnectedness. Many are becoming aware of all BEings deeper nature and in turn awakening senses that lay dormant. These senses plug us into the matrix of multidimensionality that we exist between. Access to our senses have been denied, leaving us in an imbalanced state of emergency struggling to obtain scarce resources. There are many reasons we are at this precipice of mass enlightenment/destruction. It is important to explore the reasons so we can understand the frequencies they are transmitting and counter or continue them. We then open the space to progress as a planetary elemental force.  SEER Energetics is a synergy of elemental consciousness and skills working to reclaim our holism, heal our ailments from their roots, change our patterns and teach us to push the evolution of our consciousness with our focus and dedication.

                                                                   ~Gahiji Akil

Journeys & Ideas: about who I am and what I offer

Gahiji Akil Reiki Mastered teacher in Ecuador Museum
Crystal & Elemental medicine chamber w/ Gahiji Akil SEER Energetics

My journey in working with light

My first time feeling my energy body was during a qigong exercise building a ball of energy. This was not the first step in my journey to lightwork, but it was an important one. It was my proof of the unseen. I don’t remember being skeptical before, but we know through our experience, and now I knew. I knew with certainty that I was much more than the flesh. Years later I would take advantage of a $600 a year wellness benefit provided by my employer, and attend Reiki certification courses. This gave me a focused practice for the ideas of energy and healing I was studying and exploring. It has been 12 years since my first class. I have watched my skills, understanding, intuition and confidence grow exponentially. I have experienced myself evolve. After years of working in the nonprofit social justice field, I was experiencing extreme burnout from overextending myself without the needed support to feel truly effective in my work. I was still practicing and teaching Reiki, but it was in a compartmentalized way. I could no longer ignore the need to include spirit in the movement for justice. I freed myself by traveling to Ecuador for nearly a year and upon arrival I found myself on a beach literally littered with crystals. I am forever grateful to crystal consciousness for sitting with me and guiding me so that  I could receive access to gifts that allow me to serve others and the evolution of cosmic consciousness. There are many stories on this path I hope to share with you one day... 

My Growth and Discovery

I have worked with different Reiki masters and practitioners In Hawaii, New Orleans, New Mexico and other places I've journeyed to achieve comprehensive teaching methods and have done extensive study and practice on my own with the support of my New Orleans spiritual community and shamanic teachers. Some of my most important lessons and advancements came when I sat and studied directly with the Earth and her elements. SEER Energetics is the culmination of my growth from learning and my commitment to conscious evolution and being available and in service for this energetic balancing work in this world

Philosophies on Teaching and Healing

When I am working with students one question I emphasize is “how do you best receive messages?” This opens the space to acknowledge that we have different gifts and inclinations, let's honor them so they thrive. I concentrate on the individuality rather than a set curriculum to initiate the learning space, where personal culture, development and the specificities of that are considered and encouraged to enter and influence the co-creative learning atmosphere.Teaching is always learning because the teacher must learn the student. 

Reiki Mastered Teacher Gahiji Akil in session
Elemental Energy Grid Wheel SEER Energetics Gahiji Akil


Home studio now open!

Come  experience a session in my cultivated space in my home in New Orleans 7th Ward. Contact to book a session in my space or for a house call.  

Reiki, crystal healing, Black healing,
Reikie, gift coaching, consulting, psychic devlopment,
Reiki Sessions

Reiki and energy work sessions are guided by clairtactile intuition.  $100 per session for 60-90 min, $150 for 2 hours, 3 session package for $250, $300 for 2hr sessions. Couples treatment: $125 per hour. Crystal healing: A simple stone laying 30 minute subtle energy balancing session, $45 with Reiki $30 for just stone laying, distance sessions also available for $45 per session

Please contact to schedule

Service Offerings

Now accepting new clients in the New Orleans area. I'm also available for phone or video chat sessions for those further away.With understanding of varying economic situations, please contact me to discuss reciprocity agreements. You can read feedback from clients and colleagues here. And you can read about what to expect during a session here.With Gratitude

Want to develop your gifts and heighten sensitivities to the subtle energies spiraling all around and through us? I will guide you through different exercises that assist in expanding awareness and furthering your evolution as a being. I also offer imagination expanding and creativity coaching as well as spiritual guidance. Please contact to inquire about developing a program specific to you.

Reiki, crystals, lake tahoe, energy worker, light worker, gridwork
Reiki, reiki class, instruction, attunment, reiki teacher, black reiki, healing, lightwork, crystals, gridwork
Reiki & Other Instruction
Elemental Energy Healing Program

Reiki Instruction: Usui Reiki I, II and master teacher III.

Reiki I is an introduction to the history, lore and practice of Reiki. I discuss chakras, teach hand positions and other applications. I also incorporate chi cultivation exercises into all my classes and teach chi building, storing and transmitting separate for those who already have Reiki or don’t know if they are ready to be attuned.


Reiki II goes deeper into the practice giving new tools and further exploring the landscape of applications and areas where Reiki is useful and effective. Reiki II is a deeper commitment to the modality and energy work in general.


Reiki III mastered teacher level is where I teach how to fully integrate Reiki in your being and how to pass it on to others. This class can be part of an extended apprenticeship or a standalone course. I say Reiki mastered to acknowledge my understanding of my being mastered by Reiki, not it being mastered by me.

Other workshop offerings include: Intro to energy work, Building on natural gifts, Working with tools, group practice

Currently holding private classes on a requested basis. Willing to travel and/or instruct remotely. Please contact for rates and/or private instruction. 

A healing journey mapped out and improvised to develop a path that will be most effective in achieving the desired goals. It will be a combination of healing energy sessions, guided meditations, coaching sessions and instruction, divination, crystal elixirs, herbal, psychic surgery, sound therapies, essential oil assistance and other elements we think will be helpful. Please contact to begin a personalized healing journey.

Mediation, Mediator, Black, non legal binding.

Conflict is going to arise and so we must be able to deal with it in a constructive way that builds awareness and strengthens connections. Through inclusive mediation people can come together to feel heard, brainstorm solutions and agree to resolutions that will provide a framework to move forward. My experiential learning ground was in New Orleans, performing police-community mediations after I was trained by Baltimore Community Mediation. This is a non legally binding form of mediation that aims at reaching understanding and agreement. Please contact to schedule a mediation or for a conflict consultation.

Home clearings, energy work, space work, haunted house, Sage,

Energy can linger in spaces and cause disruption to balance and flow. When this happens it can be distracting to unnerving on the low end and frightening on the higher end of the spectrum of awareness. I come in with focus, intuition, spirit guides, crystal and other elemental colleagues to balance and shift energy of a space. This is a good service to schedule if a property has been sitting unoccupied for a period. $65 per hour, home clearing can be done in conjunction with a personal energy session at $100 per hour. $25 add'l per hour per add'l person

Space/Home Clearing

Get in touch

To inquire about services, receive more information or just to connect

Tel: 916-210-9067


I look forward to receiving your message, thank you!

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